Monday, October 4, 2010

Wedding Card Scrapbook

As a newlywed, i have a ton of new things on my plate. One of the biggest being what to do with all this wedding stuff now that the wedding is over? Well one problem I was having was what to do with all the wedding cards. Some were so beautiful and some people wrote such nice things on the inside, i wanted a good way to show them off. So I did a scrapbook. I scrapbook as a hobby anyway, so this idea was pretty natural for me. I took all the cards and began cutting them apart. Took pretty poems or sayings from some, pictures or covers from others, and heartfelt messages from the ones that had them. Then I slowly began to piece them together. As an extra touch, I included our invitation on the first page. The scrapbook turned out better than I could have imagined and it really didnt take that long. Just an hour or so on an otherwise lazy sunday, and now I have a keepsake for all my wedding cards. It is so nice to look through, and so simple to store instead of throwing them in a box. Let me know if you have any great wedding keepsakes. Thanks for reading!

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