Sea Shepherd & Whale Wars

Nearly 2,000 whales are alive because of the men and women of Sea Shepherd have intervened. There are whales swimming in the southern ocean right now, their flesh frozen in a box in some japenese warehouse right now if it was not for the efforts of Sea Shepherd.

"We are winnig the war because we are affecting the numbers. We are cutting kill quotas in half and negating illegal profits."

Sea Shepherd has never injured a single person since they started defending the whales in 1997.

Whale Wars is the fight for the whales through the eyes of the people that put their life on the line for these beautiful creatures. This TV show has become more popular due to the graphic yet informitive journey it takes you on deep in the Southern Ocean. Captain Paul Watson has said, "Our clients are the whales and the people of the world who desire their protection. Our weapons are the truth through the eyes of the camera backed by a courage born of compassion and sustained by a fiery passion for the sanctity and respect for all life and for the upholding of international conservation law."

Sea Shepherd continues to need support because for every dollar we spend defending the whales, they will spend a thousand defending their slaughter.

Back into the Southern Ocean this decemeber to save more lives..."No retreat, no surrender, no apologies, no regrets, no concerns, and no compromise!"