Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Halloween is coming!!

I always loved halloween, what kid doesnt. But halloween was extra fun for me because my birthday was only 3 days before it. My mom always threw me the best dress up birthday parties. She also always sewed my costume herself, which I never really appreciated then, but i definately do now. She was always so good at stuff like sewing, and now that I have my stepdaughter I wish I had asked her to teach me. Brooke won't be with us this halloween because we had her last year, but it was so fun dressing her up, and taking her around the neighborhood. She was a little spider countess, which is actually like a vampire costume but dont tell her that! lol. She loved getting to wear dark makeup and have me curl her hair, shes such a girly girl. I was so excited to take my stepdaughter out trick or treating for our first time together, and kind of sad I'll miss this year.

  My favorite halloween memory was the year I was a rockstar. I had pink spray glitter in my hair, and pink lace gloves, and I thought I was so cool. Halloween nights were always chilly but my mom took me around by herself until it would get dark out and then when we got home she would go through all the candy to make sure none had been tampered with. I always thought she was picking out her favorite pieces though, and waiting til she put me to bed to eat them! But last year after we got home from taking Brooke out, I found myself going through her candy the way my mom did, to make sure there was nothing that would make her sick or hurt her. Funny how things come full circle like that.
Feel free to leave comments of your favorite halloween memory, and happy trick or treating!!!

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