Wednesday, September 22, 2010

sick for over a year with no answers

So its been over a year now since the pain in my legs began, and slowly moved to my back, arms, and hands. I am not looking sympathy by writing this, just answers. Hopefully someone out there that reads this can help me. Any advice is welcome. In June of last year, I started getting achy pains in my legs after work each night. The pain soon became more constant, occuring during the day and night, and became more sharp as time progressed. I waited it out thinking maybe I wasnt wearing proper shoes to work ( I was a hairstylist so on my feet for 6-8 hours a day). By September, the pains were worse during the day, my legs were stiff in the morning, and at night the pain was nearly unbearable. my husband (fiance at the time) actually took me to the hospital on more than one occassion because the pain got so bad, and we didnt know what to do. As time progressed, doctors did bloodwork that came back with no results, and said maybe it was a vitamin deficincy. More time went on, and the pain began to spread to my back (all over, mostly middle), and my arms. Even as I'm writing this my hands are beginning to cramp and my arms are aching. My primary doctor suggested I see a rheumatologist, and in October took me out of work completely. The rheumatologist came up with nothing, and sent me to a neurologist (that I couldnt get an appointment with til January). I went through the holidays feeling worse than I ever felt in my life, and very depressed. I mean who wants to get up when you know the day is going to be filled with constant pain, and no one can tell you whats wrong. By January, numbness and constant pain were daily occurances, and I found no relief, even with the strong pain killers the doctors had me on. The neurologist ordered a MRI of my brain (I had begun getting confused, having memory loss, and headaches) and an EMG on my legs and arms. Both tests returned no results once again. I have been to numerous doctors in the past year, and have had more bloodwork than you can imagine (12-15 vials at a time), and they are no closer to finding out what is wrong with me. I had to go on antidepressants because of my hopeless feeling about my situation. I cannot write for more than a couple minutes (even had to take breaks during this post), or hold my arms up to do my own hair. If I bend down to pick something up, and bend my legs, they lock and it is extrememly difficult and painful to get back up. If I sit too long, I'm stiff and in pain when I try to move. If I stand or walk, I'm in pain. I'm constantly in pain, along with my headaches, chest pains & palpitations, and confusion. I cannot do anything I used to. I am still out of work, which has left us struggling to pay the bills for the last year (which I feel awful about). My husband even took a 2nd job to bring in more money, and we still were struggling. I know I should not feel sorry for myself, because there are people that are worse off than me. But I am looking for answers as I continue to hang in there, and try to stay strong every day. Please if you know anything, or know someone who might have some answers, comment or contact me. Also please pass this along to anyone who may be interested in helping me figure this out. I am relying on the public, because I cannot rely on my doctors. Thank you for reading this.

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