Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Making your own home management binder

Here's how to create your own home managment notebook to keep your family organized, and keep you from going crazy. I will give you some of my tips from my own life as well.

First you need a three ring binder. Decorate it however you like, thats the fun part. You'll also need a computer, printer, sheet protectors, folders, and a hole punch.

Next you need to type up a list of chores. Trust me, its alot easier when they can just check off what they have completed and go down the list. You can also find chore lists online at such sites as,,, and
Its easiest to make a chart and write each family members name next to a chore they need to complete. A seperate chore chart for kids is always helpful so they know exactly what they need to do.
After you complete that, make a couple copies (put one in a sheet protector and the rest behind it).

Now you need to make a master clean list. Have it broken down into rooms, with a description of what needs to be done in each room. Put this in a sheet protector as well, and behind the chore lists.

The home schedule is next. has the best one I've found but you can find them on your own or make your own if you like. Just print it out when your done (make a bunch of copies), and begin filling in the next couple weeks. I always do a month ahead but that is up to you. Put the week you're currently on/using in a sheet protector, and the rest behind it in order. Make sure to record any appointments, games, recitals, doctor visits, birthday parties, etc. I recommend going over it Sunday night for the week, so you and everyone in the house knows whats going on, and then keep that week on the fridge. Its your go to for the whole week.

This next part is optional but I find this to be helpful. I make a household inventory of staples items that need to be in the freezer, fridge, pantry, and household cleaning items. I wrote down items that constantly need to be replaced in those areas, so that grocery shopping is that much easier. I made columns for how many I always want in my fridge, freezer, pantry, and cleaning supplies, and how many I now need. The seperate lists make it alot easier when its time to grocery shop and even when you walk around the grocery store.

The next part is favorite recipes and weekly menus. i have alot of recipes books and a recipe box but this is my go to recipe finder. I put recipes that my family loves the most so ts much easier when its time to decide whats for dinner. The weekly menus is another optional part, but again I find it helpful. I make the menu for the week the week before so that theres never that what do I make tonight question or that blank stare into the refrigerator. It really doesn help to plan a week in advance and takes the stress of cooking dinner for the family after a long day.

This part is my least favorite part. The finance section. This is where I include receipts from grocery shopping and buying household items(cleaning supplies, etc.), and where I keep our monthly budget. Keeping the receipthelps me figure out at the end of the month what I spent where so I can see where we can cut back more. This is where the folder comes in. Go through your receipts monthly and dispose of them every 3 months. And everyone needs a budget (unless your extremely wealthy lol).

The final part is for my stepdaughter. If you have more than one child, I suggest making a section for each child. Include their chore chart as well as any other behavior charts you find. Try, they have alot of good ones. I like the My Morning Routine one and the Things I need to work on. also has the I listen the First Time chart as well as a few others that I like to use. They really help Brooke know what she needs to do in the morning, and when she completes the week and/or 7 days of I listened the first time she gets a prize. We found that this positive reinforcement and structure works very well with her.

I hope you like my ideas for the home management notebook, and you can always include any additional charts or printables you find when you search online. As always, thanks for reading!!

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